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Our Services

At Hurricane Motorsports, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to both diesel performance enthusiasts and owners of exotic vehicles. Our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention. Here are the services we proudly provide:

Diesel Performance Services:

  • Tailored tuning solutions to optimize the performance and fuel efficiency of your diesel vehicle.

  • Enhance the power and torque of your diesel engine with our expertly selected and installed turbocharger upgrades.

  • Precision upgrades to your fuel system for improved delivery and performance.

Specialized Expertise:

  • Unmatched expertise in working with twin-turbo systems, with a particular focus on Audi R8s and Lamborghinis.

  • Personalized consultations to help you make informed decisions about performance upgrades and modifications.

  • Dyno Tuning: Precise dyno tuning services to fine-tune your vehicle for optimal performance and reliability.

Exotic Performance and Repair:

  • Scheduled maintenance services to keep your exotic vehicle running at its peak performance.

  • Expertly designed and installed upgrades to enhance the speed, handling, and overall performance of your exotic car.

  • Extensive knowledge about services for twin-turbo systems, including installation, upgrades, and tuning.

  • State-of-the-art diagnostics and expert repair services to address any issues with your exotic vehicle's engine..

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • We believe in keeping our clients informed at every step of the service process, ensuring transparency and trust.

  • We provide information and guidance to help our clients make informed decisions about their vehicle's performance and maintenance.

  • Every service is performed with a commitment to quality, ensuring that your vehicle receives the best care possible.

Suspension Upgrades

Here at Hurricane, our goal is to elevate and refine your driving experience with our premium selection of lift, level and lowering kits. Whether you're navigating rugged terrains in a truck or cruising the streets in an exotic vehicle, we have the perfect solution to enhance both performance and style.

Lift Kits for Trucks:

  • Explore our range of lift kits designed to elevate your truck’s capabilities to new heights. From body lift kits that provide increased ground clearance without compromising ride quality, to suspension lift kits that optimize off-road performance and accommodate larger tires, to leveling kits to just simply remove unwanted rake on your truck, we offer options that cater to every adventure and terrain.

Lowering Kits for Exotic Vehicles:

  • For those seeking a sleeker profile and improved handling, our lowering kits are crafted to perfection. Precision-engineered coilover kits and adjustable suspension systems ensure a precise fit and maintain the luxurious ride quality of exotic vehicles. Whether it’s enhancing aerodynamics or achieving a sportier stance, our lowering solutions are tailored to meet your performance and aesthetic desires.

Transform your driving experience today here at Hurricane Motorsports. Explore our comprehensive range of lift and lowering kits designed for trucks and exotic vehicles, and let us help you achieve the perfect balance of performance and style.

At Hurricane, we are not just a service provider; we are enthusiasts dedicated to the art and science of automotive performance. Visit us today and experience the difference that passion and expertise can make for your diesel or exotic vehicle!

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